Pre-clinical results

Reliable immediate
and long-term

Small animals

Bone formation around the implant in rats: SurfLink™ enables gap elimination at bone to implant interface (left).
Upon implant removal testing, implant fixation was 38% higher with SurfLink surfaces (right).

Large animals - Histology analysis

The surface of SurfLink treated implants is osteoconductive. Newly formed bone spreads out from the implant surface.

Large animals - Biomechanical analysis

SurfLink treated implants showed greater integration over control implants with higher torque and stiffness values at 2 weeks (+32% and +37% respectively). At 52 weeks, torque and stiffness values (+6% and +22%, respectively) reflect superior long term fixation and stability of SurfLink implants.

Large animals - SEM

On SurfLink treated implants an abundance of bone was observed (LEFT). On control implants it is mainly the original rough implant surface which was seen (RIGHT).

Large animals - Fluorescent analysis

Mineralised bone starts to form on the implant surface already at 2 weeks after insertion.
New bone continues to grow from the surface and outwards, as observed at 4 weeks and 8 weeks after insertion.


Surface characteristics

Pre-clinical results

Clinical results