License Agreement MIS & NBM 2015.07.27

MIS® Implants Technologies and NBMolecules® conclude a License and Supply Agreement for use of the novel technology SurfLink® for treatment of MIS dental implants.

The unique bio-mimicking traits and the cost-effectiveness of the SurfLink® surface treatment are clear differentiators from all competing solutions.

BAR LEV (IL) and GLAND (CH) July 27, 2015 – MIS Implants Technologies Ltd and Nano Bridging Molecules SA announced today they have concluded a License and Supply Agreement for the advanced surface treatment technology SurfLink®, manufactured by NBMolecules®. “We are very proud of this commercial agreement with MIS, which will allow patients to benefit from the unique combination of a leading quality dental implant and a unique bio-mimicking surface” says Bjorn-Owe Aronsson, Executive Director and Founder of NBMolecules®.
The agreement between the world leading dental implant company MIS and the start-up NBMolecules® will give MIS the exclusive rights to manufacture and sell their titanium based dental implants with the clinically proven SurfLink® surface.

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